Workshop: STEM Electricity and the Railways Workshop

KS2 (year 4 and year 6)
Number of Students:
Up to 35
1 hour
Number of adults:
Minimum of three

This led workshop takes inspiration from our collection of lamps and telegraphy, communication and signalling equipment. Aimed at year 4 and year 6 students studying electricity, we do a series of hands-on activities to see how it was used on the railways, giving real-world context to students' learning.

Year 4 activities will focus on:

  • Building circuits to power bulbs and buzzer signals
  • Experimenting with different materials to find out about conductors and insulators and what this means for rail safety
  • Circuits and switches for different kinds of signals

Year 6 activities will focus on:

  • Experimenting with different amounts of cells and lengths of wire in a circuit to send signals –based around how Bell codes/ block signals were used
  • Powering a model railway semaphore signal
  • Powering a model loco - how much power does it take?

School visits

School visits include a led workshop, time in North Road Station Museum and The Stores, and a visit to Wagon Woods adventure playground

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